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Zipcar’s Car-Sharing Network shows you don’t have to Own an automible to Take Out a Date

The brief type: The strategies of dating can be challenging for singles who don’t posses a motor vehicle. Do you actually cycle to a romantic date and risk participating sweaty or rain-drenched? Do you actually simply take a bus and threat showing up later? You must will a date to go on a night out together, but it’s quite difficult without wheels of your very own. However, Zipcar provides motorists an alternative way to get around city. Since 2000, over 1 million members have actually hired numerous vehicles on an hourly or daily basis with this car-sharing service. What you need to do is actually make a booking on the web, visit your drive’s designated parking room, tap your own Zipcard towards the windshield, and start driving. The global organization has over 12,000 autos, vans, and trucks all set to go at a minute’s see, so that you’ll never ever become stranded on a romantic date. Zipcar is actually an affordable, earth-friendly, and convenient method to take a trip, so give it a try on the next occasion you are planning a date with someone special.


Some time ago, my college roomie had a crush on a guy we nicknamed Superman because of a particularly heroic hoodie the guy often wore. Plus, he was pretty muscular.

After months of coy flirtation, Superman ultimately asked my roommate away. The guy suggested strolling down the street to a coffee place after class one day. Whenever they purchased their unique coffees, Superman had a confession to manufacture. “pay attention, we gotta reveal some thing,” the guy said ominously. My personal roomie braced by herself for a bombshell — crazy ex? Child out-of wedlock? Killed some guy? — and whenever he said, “Really don’t have an automible,” she laughed in reduction.

That has been the reason why he previouslyn’t expected this lady away earlier, the guy demonstrated. He did not have the wheels to just take her away and made use of busses going almost everywhere. Superman’s car-less position was not a dealbreaker for my personal roomie, however it is an important trouble for daters who need are cellular. Despite a little university town, not all date place is walking range.

Changing the dating scene, Zipcar offers car-less daters an easy and inexpensive operating remedy. The company’s global car-sharing circle considerably benefits singles and lovers who wish to conserve money and conserve the planet while remaining liberated to travel and show that special someone a good time.

Zipcar was actually based in 2000 by two ladies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As Kate Hickman, Zipcar’s Communications management, mentioned, “Zipcar was created to provide city dwellers use of a vehicle whenever they needed it without the price or trouble of getting a car.”

These days, Zipcar may be the world’s biggest car-sharing business with a large number of on-demand cars available 24/7 private usage or business reasons. People shell out on an hourly basis or even the day, therefore it is a uniquely flexible and affordable selection for modern-day mobile daters.

The Key to liberty: A Zipcard Unlocks 12,000+ cars Worldwide

Drivers 18 and more mature can join Zipcar and revel in a contemporary means of transport. The one million users range in age, but a large section tend to be millennials that attracted to the independence and access of Zipcars. “this community is really the most important generation to start to move far from traditional perceptions about vehicle control and personal transportation,” Kate said. “For them, it is everything about accessibility rather than control.”

Zipcar features a presence on more than 500 university campuses so students can get a romantic date in style — whether or not they do not acquire an automible.

The procedure is incredibly simple: you register on the web as a person or with a company or college. Once accepted, you will definately get a Zipcard that unlocks above 12,000 cars internationally. Then you can reserve everyday or range of days if you want to use some of their vehicles, including small vehicles and deluxe automobiles to SUVs and spacious vehicles. Zipcar keeps over 50 various creates and models gassed up-and all set if you tend to be. Bookings can be made on-line or through the Zipcar cellular app.

“At the beginning of the reservation, just engage your own Zipcard regarding the car windows, together with doors unlock. One of the keys is from inside the automobile,” Kate explained. “bring your excursion, and carry it returning to its specified parking area when you are accomplished. It’s that facile.”

Based on the business’s statistics, Zipcar people conserve an average of $500 a month on auto expenses, such as vehicle repayments, servicing, gas, and vehicle parking. Many urbanites like the convenience and stability of Zipcars. Instead of worrying all about car upkeep and where you can park, possible join Zipcar, reserve your automobile, touch the car windows, and drive wherever you need to get. If you’ve got a hot day, this is certainly a powerful way to make it in fashion without damaging the lender.

Singles & Couples take pleasure in the ease of auto Sharing

One evening, my university date made a decision to whisk myself away to get stargazing through the sleep of a vehicle. The guy drove a Honda Civic, so he had to acquire his father’s truck, which created we had to refer to it as every night by a particular time. Whenever we’d utilized Zipcar, however, we’re able to’ve lent rims your very own and lingered within the performers if we wished.

Many partners enjoy the operating possibilities through Zipcar’s fleet of automobiles obtainable in regional communities, flight terminals, metropolitan areas, and college campuses internationally. “Zipcar is totally a fantastic resource for singles and couples that simply don’t possess a motor vehicle,” Kate mentioned. “We actually realize that nearly 15percent of our own members cite going on times as a core manner in which they normally use Zipcar.”

“We’ve never owned a car or truck in Toronto. We make use of Zipcar a great deal for household tasks.” — Chris Murphy, a Zipcar user and satisfied grandfather

“We have now heard that members like obtaining somebody for an initial go out in one of our very own deluxe vehicles like a BMW,” she mentioned. “And our very own members in lasting relationships love getting a Zipcar for an unique date night or travel, and sometimes even merely to drive about and savor time together.”

Plus, the Murphy family members claims using Zipcar features aided them increase their unique two kids in a huge town. “We love traveling with the children,” stated Yashy Selvadurai Murphy, a lifestyle blogger in Toronto. “therefore we travel a great deal.”

Whether you’re taking a road trip with a significant other or happening a surprise date night stargazing journey, having a Zipcar is actually a convenient, affordable, and dependable way to travel.

A Passionate & Driven Community Behind an easy Idea

The Zipcar staff will redefine just how men and women have from A to B. Zipcar’s services provide high-tech and lasting alternatives to daily transport needs — that means a lot fewer autos on the highway triggering much less congestion and pollution.

“We look at Zipcar as a residential district. Folks arrive at work on Zipcar since they are passionate about all of our prices,” Kate stated. “The society we have developed encourages innovation and development and additionally teamwork and fun. Staff understand that they’re able to have an impact – which is really significant.”

The Zipcar team operates challenging make the conveniences of a car a lot more available to people anywhere they roam. In the end, their mission is always to create making your way around area a stress-free and fun knowledge for people of any age. The brand’s car-sharing service supplies more affordable and eco-friendly options for drivers on the go — basically a good plus for singles mixed up in matchmaking world.

In accordance with the web site, “we aren’t attempting to rule worldwide, simply trying to offer anyone else — old and young, company kinds and household kinds — the freedom to call home existence.”

Zipcar: Switching the manner in which you Pick Up a Date

For daters, specially college-aged singles, becoming mobile phone is required. The matchmaking options are restricted if you’re unable to drive yourself to a bar or pick-up a night out together in a car. My roommate needed to operate round the coach timetable when coming up with plans with Superman. Unlike DC’s caped crusader, my roomie’s go out had been unable to whisk her away anytime he wanted.

Utilizing Zipcar allows car-less daters to forget unreliable public transit and zip around area way more freely and stylishly on their own time.

Zipcar members enjoy all rewards of vehicle control without worrying about maintenance, parking, or insurance coverage payments. By signing up for this system, you should have effortless access to a large number of automobiles of size and shapes. Whether you desire a fuel-efficient Hybrid to battle an intimate road trip or a roomy SUV for a family group food run, Zipcar can meet your requirements acquire you going very quickly.

The Zipcar team helps to keep their unique eyes on the horizon as they develop convenient and innovative method of transport for singles and partners worldwide.

“the continuing future of urban flexibility is actually greatly interesting, and then we have big plans to drive it more and faster during the following years,” Kate said. “first of all, our aim is definitely more automobiles in more places. We envision some sort of in which car sharers outnumber vehicle proprietors.”

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