Suntech Landriani

Chandrakant Nemade


A mechanical engineer from the 1970s, where engineering means SOLUTION. He has worked in the field of hard-core engineering for over 40 years, with extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. He is a firm believer in the core elements of any result-driven engineering concept: innovation, quality, safety, and service. With the same dedication, tradition, and principles, he founded SUNTECH in 1994 to provide the world with cutting-edge broaching solutions.
He is now known around the world as the King of Precision Gears and Broaching Technology.

Harshad Nemade

Managing Director

As a natural leader, he knew he would devote his career to innovating, developing, and manufacturing his own brand to offer the world his expertise in broaching technology. He is also fortunate to have been personally mentored at Landriani Itlay through a strict and intensive training programme to enhance his mission in 2001, after deciding to pursue his father’s dream head-on.
Mr. Harshad Nemade is unique and special to SUNTECH, and he leads by example, leading a holistic and dynamic team that all agree on one goal: to be the BEST supplier of Broaching Machines and Broaching Tools.

Ashish Nemade


A market maestro with a silver tongue. He believes in preserving traditional values and knowledge while keeping up with current technological trends. His mechanical arcade network adds impetus to the mission of not only being the best in Broaching Technology, but also having an unrivalled and first-rate customer reference. His extensive global manufacturing experience gives SUNTECH a competitive advantage. Mr. Ashish Nemade, with his powerful sales strategies, strong networks, and foresight, adds a filigree dome to complete the SUNTECH Broaching Empire.